A Small Sample of What Our Clients Say...

"My son seems to be in a good place. I believe he has the strength to deal with life now. A year ago I was wondering if he could even function. I have to take a minute and reflect on what you guys have done and thank you. Your work with him is, in my opinion, the best we could have hoped for. My evaluation of your work results in nothing but gratitude". 
Mr. S.A. Naples, FL

"Bunny and Sam Sewell, Directors of the Best Self Clinic of Naples, Florida, guided me to virtually turn my life around. I consulted with them after the breakup of a difficult relationship and a very long divorce.

Working with two seasoned and highly-recommended professionals is definitely a plus, as the client benefits from their long-term counseling experiences as well as receiving both male and female perspectives during the sessions.

Their therapy focuses on moving forward -- getting out of the quicksand in which we all tend to flounder. Building good listening skills, delving into one's own self, living in the moment, improving our interactions with others, that the answers to our situations and problems lie essentially within ourselves; these are some of the take-homes from the friendly, knowledgeable, non-judgemental sessions with Bunny and Sam. As Sam says: “You don't have to know how the fire started to put it out.” That is to say that their focus is for the client to get on with life, rather than to unnecessarily dissect the past, thus positively instilling and excavating great faith in one's own inner strengths.

Whatever the life situations in which people find themselves, sessions with Sam and Bunny can only add a richness and in-depth understanding toward truly becoming a better self."
Christine, Naples, Florida

"Our lawyer said to see a counselor before we filed for divorce. Two months after we contacted Best Self USA not only do we get along better, but our marriage is stronger than it has ever been."

Mr. & Mrs. B., Bonita Springs, Florida

"I was 47 years old and I have never had my life together. Job after job and woman after woman. I conquered my alcohol addiction 6 years ago, but my life was still a mess. Within weeks of entering the Best Self program I was a differrent person. I am finally winning at life." 
Mr. Doug Z., Auburn, Indiana

"Sam and Bunny Sewell saved our familly."
Mr. & Mrs. S., Cape Coral, Florida

"I didn't need counseling. I wanted to grow as a person. Best Self USA helped me understand the process of becoming the best I can be." 
Ms. Elizabeth S., Chicago, Illinios

"My counselors told me that I could expect significant changes in my life with a dozen therapy sessions. They were wrong. I was done with my problem in six sessions. I stayed with the program for another four sessions, just to make sure I didn't backslide. By the tenth session my counselors told me there was no need to schedule another session. I have been on "as requested" status for more than a year and haven't felt the need to have another session."
Mr. Fred M., Palm Springs, California.