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     Sam Sewell


Rev. Samuel Sewell is a member of Mensa, the high I.Q. Society where he serves as a Gifted Child Coordinator and Public Relations Coordinator.

He is certified by American Association of Pastoral Psychotherapists #7606.

His National Provider Identification is 1922317536. The NPI Registry enables you to search the Department of Health and Human Services for a provider's national credentials and NPPES information.https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/NPPES/NPIRegistrySearch.do?subAction=reset&searchType=ind

He is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and a Member of the Association For Intelligence Officers

He is Director of Pastoral Counseling, Celebration Community Beach Church.

He is President of Interfaith Ministries and Pastor of Church Without Walls.

He is Adjunct Professor of Clinical Pastoral Education at Naples Community Hospital.

He is President of the Board of Directors for the Theological Center in Naples.

His award winning research on Family Issues is published in several languages.

He is a member of Sigma Delta Chi Honor Society

He is an International Commentator and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, a frequent commentator on religious and political issues.  His books, poetry, articles and plays are published by various periodicals and publishers.





     Bunny Sewell

I wanted to let people know what my life is like, rather than list my professional history.

Here are several facets and activities of “colorful Bunny!”

1. MINISTER: My most important vocation is my life’s work in the ministry. Although my theological training and background were conservative, I now appreciate the importance and benefits of encouraging Faith-Based Values and Missions. I’ve had the privilege of serving in a number of teaching, counseling and leadership capacities in churches and organizations, in several states, over the last nearly five decades.

2.  PASTOR - INTERFAITH MINISTRIES: At Church Without Walls, in addition to teaching biblical scholarship, we also explore a number of spiritually-based studies, including major world religions and spiritual literature. This helps people learn about, and grow from, appreciating the similarities of our planet’s shared belief systems. Presently in our Search For A Sacred Science Series, we are exploring the commonalities of the scientific and religious viewpoints; how they support, rather than contradict each other. Our fascinating textbook, a compilation of 50 two-page essays by the world’s leading thinkers in the areas of science and religion, is entitled, God for The 21st Century.

3.  WEDDINGS – PREMARITAL COUNELING: Because of the post-denominational nature of Church Without Walls, and due to our work as marriage counselors, we have the privilege to perform lots of weddings. It is such a joy to be able to be part of pre-nuptial counseling and marriage preparation! Here in Naples we get to do lots of barefoot beach weddings!

4.  BEST SELF CLINIC DIRECTOR: Established Naples Clinic in 1990. Now expanded to over a dozen therapists in a variety of specialized areas, around the country. Besides private counseling, we and our team of therapists lead a wide spectrum of groups and teach various self-improvement classes and support groups open to the public. We are well-known in South West Florida for the many community and professional seminars we have presented over the years.

5.  MARRIAGE AND FAMILY COUNSELOR: One of our most gratifying ministries is our work as family counselors. As pastoral therapists, we appreciate the opportunity to help folks learn how to bring harmony and joy into their lives.

6. ON-LINE THERAPY: Operate an international web counseling service. Internet technology provides clients the anonymity and convenience to get the help they need. This has become a very popular and effective avenue for life skills training for snowbirds, and clients who do not reside in Florida.

7.  PROFESSOR of the Pastoral Therapy Training Program, a three year graduate program which prepares counselors to do local and on-line counseling for Best Self USA.

8. RESEARCH on family issues is quoted by world leaders in the field, is translated into several languages, and is available on hundreds of web-sites around the world.

9. PRESIDENT-BONITA SPRINGS MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION: Privileged to serve as first woman president of Bonita Spring Ministerial Association. This group is supportive of local religious leaders and their congregations. How pleased we are with the spirit of the participants in BSMA. While each congregational leader remains committed to the theology of our particular denominations, we collectively work together to support faith-based values and ministries within our community. For example: All churches in BSMA now have a premarital counseling program. Sam and I, as Family Therapists, were among the first pastors to be registered at the Lee and Collier County Marriage License Departments as Certified Pre-Marriage Counselors.
In solidarity regarding the Parks and Recreation Dept’s policy toward equal access usage for community groups, BSMA recently petitioned and supported the government’s adoption of the new policy, which no longer allows anti-religious bias.
BSMA sponsors yearly Crop Walks in February, a Community Thanksgiving Service, an outdoor, city-wide National Day of Prayer Celebration, as well as providing assistance for needy transients and locals. Presidents of other area ministerial associations attended our recent Installation of Officers Ceremony. Organized SW Fl Ministerial Alliance, bringing consensus of faith-based values among area ministerial associations. We continue to be impressed with the caliber and commitment of the area religious leaders, and their sense of cooperation and unity when it comes to the collective welfare of our community!

10. WIFE AND MOM to three thirty something adults. A daughter working in computer graphics, a daughter in the health services field, and a videographer son.

11. FITNESS: Eat healthy (mostly raw) foods, including supplementation. Meditate and exercise daily, including walking, gardening, Yoga, Tai Chi and Quarter-Staffing with Sam.

12. MUSIC: Play LOTS of instruments, including piano and organ, guitar and harmonica, soprano and tenor steel drums (pans,) psaltery, marimbas and flutes, ukuleles and violin, string bass and washtub bass, washboard and Kazoo. I experience great pleasure from the experience of “doing” music; that is, singing and playing instruments, for the sheer joy of participating, as opposed to performing. Have been a church music director, played monthly with the Bluegrass Association, (and, OK) did a couple of folk concerts at Cambier Park. 
Since our Church Without Walls congregation not large enough to have its own full-time music director, I sing on special occasions in the choir of one of our association churches. At Church Without Walls, we’re apt to sing hymns accompanied by pan music, while congregants may grab a guitar, some tambourines or maracas to participate in spontaneous praise singing.

13. MENSA: Host Mensa TGIF social gathering, open to the public, in our home every Friday evening. Work w Sam as Mensa Gifted-Child Coordinator. Have sponsored Annual Bikers vs Brainers Trivia contests for 13 years, to raise scholarship money for local students. We established an after school mentoring programs in area middle schools. Speak at several State Mensa gatherings. Presenter at MENSA World Gathering. Serve as media coordinator.

14. SWEDEN: Studied three years in Sweden in the 60’s as an exchange student. Am still fluent in Swedish, and correspond regularly with my host families in Sweden. Recently sponsored my exchange sister and her family through United States immigration and citizenship.

15. BONNETS AND BUGGIES: Lived “close to nature” in Amish country during the 70’s. Milked the cow and goat, made yogurt, butter and whole grain bread daily, canned 1500 quarts from my organic garden each year; butchered chickens, knit, quilted, and sewed our clothing on a treadle machine.

16. GARDENING: As a gift for a recent anniversary, I created, and landscaped a Zen garden across the entire length of our home. Getting outside, keeping my hands in the soil from time to time, brings an opportunity for creativity, constant surprises, and a connection with nature, which seems to foster that sense of inner solace. Enjoy and share yearly herbs and produce from our organic garden and fruit from the many now-mature trees we have planted on our property. Organized local food co-oping.

17. WOMENS GROUPS: One of my most gratifying ministries is women’s groups. Over the decades I have nearly always been involved in leading spiritual discussion and inspirational book study groups for women. There is a camaraderie that develops when women of different faiths explore the spiritual constants that bring oneness to all humanity.

18. AUTHOR/EDITOR: Have written and edited several books, articles and publications. Our blogs get thousands of daily hits.

19. NUTRITIONAL COUNSELOR: Over the decades we have been privileged to share what we are learning about healthy living with our circle of acquaintances. We teach local classes and speak nationally on removing toxins from our bodies and our environment, and on living healthier lives in harmony with nature. Much of our research can be found at http://thenaturaladvocate.blogspot.com

20. THEOLOGICAL CENTER OF NAPLES: On the board of of TCN, which, for 13 years, has sponsored Lenten Soup for the Soul, an interfaith assembly of members from over 30 congregations who fellowship together weekly in Lenten preparation. We are working on bringing accredited seminary classes to Naples.

21. BALANCE: Because of my fascination with so many fields, one of my major life’s challenges is to keep balance in my life. My definition of moderation is: WORK some, PLAY some, GIVE some, GROW some. There are so many exciting areas still left unexplored in my life, things to do, languages to learn, places to visit, etc that I have to keep reminding myself to take time out for RandR and sleep. Most of my work is play! Do you know people who are so involved in so many projects that they have piles of materials (organized, of course) all over the place?! :>} For me, people continue to be far more important than things! (Things can wait!)

22. NOT TO MENTION… Made a childhood decision against being best at anything, so as not to give up the joy of exploring a wide range of interests. As a result, have done carpentry and cabinetry, worked as a 4-star chef, taught school, owned a large greenhouse, managed a gift shop, worked as a floral designer, a hotel concierge, butcher, dance instructor, baton teacher, coached soccer, was scout leader, sorority mom, hosted a beauty pageant, enjoyed water and snow skiing, ballroom, tap, ballet, square dancing, Scottish country dancing, established a LaLeche League and a Childbirth Education Association chapter, to name a few.

23. IN SUMMARY: Life is an exciting adventure; what a trip! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Cherish the memories! But mostly enjoying being HERE, NOW!





      Rev. Dr. Carlos E. Reyes & Mabel E. Reye

“The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole.” - Plato

“You are a whole person. and deserve a whole person approach to healing and well being.” - Rev. Dr. Carlos E. Reyes

Carlos E. Reyes is a Integrative Psychotherapist, with specialty in healing of the body, soul and spirit, trained at the International Alternative Medicine Ministry and Cancer Research (Galena, MO) in natural approaches to well being. He completed his undergraduate training at St. James the Elder Theological Seminary (Jacksonville, FL) in Clinical Counseling. He is currently a PhD candidate in Clinical Counseling with specialization in Traumatology at St James The Elder University (Jacksonville, FL.) He is an ordained minister, board certified community chaplain, board certified clinical counselor, and offers pastoral care, mentoring and coaching to individuals and families, as well as to corporate and non-profit entities.

Rev. Dr. Reyes has completed over 2,000 hours of clinical counseling and wellness studies in what he calls the “Whole Person Care” approach to freedom and fulfillment. Mabel E. Reyes is a former public school teacher, wedding planner, fashion designer, accomplished fine arts painter, gifted encourager, women’s mentor, faith-based counselor, and spiritual mother to many in the body of Christ. They have been in ministry for over 30 years, and to the South Florida community for over 20 years. They are fluent in both English and Spanish.

They ascribe to the following “Whole Person Care” Healing and Therapeutic Model:

“A system of the spiritual development of a person presented in harmony with the human struggle, where everyone can find his place on the ladder of spiritual development through awareness, through the education of the self, and through reconciling the personal struggle according to his/her spiritual development. The balance of the body, mind and spirit is of essential importance. Contemporary psychology regards man merely as a biological or a psychological being. The subject matter is the human being as a whole, as a spiritual person that is characterized by syncretizing the biological and psychological processes. The importance of understanding the spiritual level of human existence enables an holistic approach, and the experiencing of the human personality as a whole, offering as a result, new perspectives of psychotherapeutic action, not only within the range of the classical psychotherapeutic modalities, but also within the range of applied Christian psychotherapy.”

Specialty Programs

Pre-Marriage Preparation and Counseling

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage 101

Family 101

Crisis 101

Fathering 101

Measure of a Man

Your Work Matters to God

Spiritual Maturity for Leaders

Gottman Relationship Checkup (Gottman Institute)

CHAT Survey for Churches (Leadership Transformations)

DISCFlex Behavioral Assessment (Indaba Global)

QuickTest (MaretWebProject)

Addiction and Recovery - forthcoming (Indaba Global)

Behavior Coaching - forthcoming (Indaba Global)

Wedding Officiants


Specialty Therapies

Cognitive Therapy (CT)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Christian Convergence Therapy (CCT) - An Integrative Approach

Specialty Groups

The Healthy Church

The Healthy Organization

Wellness Coaching

Personal Coaching

Professional Coaching

Soul Care (Men and Women)

Spiritual Direction (Men and Women) - Emmaus

Spiritual Formation (Men and Women) - F.I.N.D.

Executive Development

Leadership Development

Inner Healing (Men, Women, Families)

The Search for Significance (McGee)

Conquering Co-Dependency (Healing for the Nations)

Prayer with Laying of Hands (Anointing Oil)

Deliverance Ministry (Men, Women, Families)

Integrative Counseling (Men, Women, Families)

Spiritual Discernment (Individuals and Teams)

Professional Consultation for Pastors, Ministers, Churches and Non-Profit

Renewal Retreats





     Dr. Uma Dunn

 Uma Dunn, who is a graduate of a medical school in India, has no intention of practicing conventional medicine in the United States. “I am passionately committed to creating wellness, rather than treating disease.

Dr. Uma Dunn was raised in the United States by Indian parents. Her father was a doctor for the Veterans administration.

When it came time for her to follow in her father’s footsteps, she returned to her native India and received her medical training at the Faculty of Medicine at Nagarjuna University, graduating in 1989. Her medical education in India has been evaluated by Josef Silny and Associates, International Education Consultants and Foreign Credential Evaluation and Verification, who certified Dr. Dunn’s education in India as the equivalent of a “U.S. degree of Doctor of Medicine at a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the United States.”

Soon after graduating from medical school Dr. Dunn decided that she wanted to be a different kind of healer. She extensively researched using natural molecules to create wellness, rather than using drugs or surgery to treat disease. This significant paradigm shift in medicine is attracting increasingly more medical doctors and is known as “Orthomolecular Medicine” or “Functional Medicine.”

Dr. Dunn serves Best Self USA as our resource person for orthomolecular psychopharmacology, (using nutrition to create healthy cognition, moods, and behavior). She contributes to Best Self USA, living up to its goal of “Finding nutritional solutions for emotional problems

She is also our primary consultant for nutritional guidance in creating general wellness of our bodies.

Dr. Dunn resides in Naples, FL with her husband and daughter.





     Fran Thomas

Areas of Practice: Addictions and Dependency, Career Development, Couples and Family, School, Depression, Grief, Chronically or Terminally Ill

I, too, wanted to introduce myself by telling about a number of roles I have.

1. I have been a National Certified Counselor since 1997. This certification is governed by the National Board for Certified Counselors. To maintain the credential, I have obtained 200 hours of continuing education on such topics as Success Motivation Coaching, Working with Emotional Intelligence, Career Planning, and Corporate Culture.

2. I am a two-time graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. My undergraduate degree is in English. My master’s degree is in Educational Psychology. During my grad school internship, I counseled displaced homemakers in a program to help them enter or re-enter the workforce.

3. Having worked in the insurance industry, I am well-acquainted with corporate America. I am the author ofCareer Finder Workbook for Teens and You’re Not the Boss of Me: Empowerment Strategies for an Imperfect Workplace.

4. I also have professional journalism experience and more than 15 years’ experience as a freelance writer and editor. My work has been published in national, regional, and local print media and on the Internet.

5. Because I am a singer with the Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida and a dancer with the Calendar Girls Florida dance team, I have a deep understanding of how performers tick.

6. I am a happily married wife. My husband is legally blind and through him I have become involved with the Blinded Veterans Association. I am in my second term as Auxiliary President for the state of Florida. Interacting with this group has given me special compassion for and insight into people with disabilities.

Fran can be contacted through Best Self USA, or via her private contact info is:

PghFran9@aol.com or infos@bestselfusa.com  




Dr. Eugene J. Koprowski, M.D.

Eugene J. Koprowski, M.D., is an addictions medicine specialist. Trained at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, University of London, in addictions, he is also a graduate of the University of Chicago. He completed his undergraduate training at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. He is an ordained priest, in apostolic succession, and offers pastoral psychotherapy to patients online (e-therapy) in his ministerial capacity in association with Best Self USA: Nationwide Online and Local Counseling. 

Dr. Koprowski completed a fellowship in psychoanalysis in 2013 at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis at the University of Chicago, and provided pastoral counseling, grief counseling and addictions counseling previously in the Emergency Department, the Intensive Care Unit and the Progressive Care Unit at West Suburban Medical Center, Oak Park, Il.  He is the author of several books and a regular contributor to scientific journals.  If you would like to contact Dr. Gene personally he can be contacted at Best Self USA at......

infos@bestselfusa.com or  drgene@bestselfusa.com .